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The Top 5 Extreme Sports Activities In Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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The Extreme Sports Activities in the Mayan Riviera offer a tremendous cultural and geographic diversity, giving our visitors a variety of unforgettable, adrenaline-filled adventures.

The most common extreme sports activities include Parasailing over the sea, Quad biking through the jungle (ATV’S), Bungee jumping, Underground cave diving, Kite surfing, Skydiving, Zip lining, Skyboarding, Scuba diving and many more … These are just some of the options for thrill-seeking visitors also wanting to enjoy the region’s pleasant climate and spectacular views.

Experts and beginners have several places to master or try these extreme sports such as rent professional equipment and request the assistance of experienced guides. Don’t worry, our team of agents can help you find the best and safest options in the area.

Here are the 5 most recommended Extreme Sports to do in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

1.- Skydiving

Whether you’re visiting or living in Playa del Carmen, you’ve seen the city’s famous 5th Avenue and amazing beaches… but have you seen them from the sky? Skydiving in Playa del Carmen drops you from 10,000 feet in the air, giving you spectacular views of the city and beaches during a freefall and canopy ride. The jump ends on the most spectacular beach in Playa del Carmen. You just can’t miss the experience !!!

Don’t worry you will be with a certified instructor.

2.- Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding

The Mayan Riviera area has a few kitesurfing spots you can enjoy. The main spots for Playa del Carmen kitesurfing are Coco Beach (Downtown) and the exclusive beach of Playacar phase 1; However, due to a large number of people in the water, it’s best to be supervised by guides that know the area well. Playa del Carmen has different options of Kiteboarding companies that offer kiteboarding lessons, equipment rentals and even daily excursions to the secluded Isla Blanca area (one of the region’s top kiteboarding hot spots).

3.- Flyboarding

This relatively new water sport is just beginning to take place here in Playa del Carmen. With Flyboarding, your feet are harnessed onto a board, and the board’s water jets propel it into the air so you can fly over the water. Once you get comfortable with the Flyboard, you can even start doing tricks and flips. Although Flyboarding looks difficult, beginners are surprised when they discover it’s pretty easy.

4.- Bungee Jumping

This is probably the craziest activity of all. You will remember this experience for the rest of your life. An exciting extreme sport with breathtaking views and excellent photo opportunities. Reward yourself and get an incredibly fun and memorable experience for both kids and adults. Bungee jumping involves leaping from a height connected to a large elastic rope (or cord), which is tied to the ankles. This is as an adrenaline-filled activity as any dreamt up by man. And one that both young and old have delighted in, and thrilled in, over the last quarter-century or so. Bungee jumps usually take place from tall buildings, bridges or cranes but in the Mayan Riviera get ready to have a totally different background full of greens, turquoise waters, and beaches.

Hurtling down from heights may seem terrifying but bungee jumping is a safe activity with a very good overall safety record, most bungee operations around the world are run by trained and experienced professionals, using the best, and the most reliable equipment, and with the most stringent safety procedures in place. All you need is plenty of nervous energy.

5.- Underground Cave Diving

Underground Rivers (Called CENOTES in English) are sinkholes in the jungle floor that hold fresh water at and near the surface and (usually) saltwater farther down. The ancient Mayans considered the Cenotes to be sacred by connecting two worlds. Every time you dive into one, you’ll understand why: they are magical, inexpressibly beautiful underwater worlds.

Inside a cenote, you’ll be astonished and delighted at every turn to witness an array of mind-blowing lighting effects, geological formations, fossils, and other hidden treasures. You can see a beautiful natural phenomenon called a halocline, which occurs when the fresh and salt water mix. As flashlight or sunlight passes through the halocline, it creates a blurry visual effect due to the different water densities that is truly breathtaking to observe. Just Unbelievable.

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