Scuba Dive in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Scuba Dive in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Once again we are reaching out to you with some great information on all the different activities you can experience in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
This month we decided to talk about scuba diving !!!

Playa del Carmen is a famous destination if you want to do some Caribbean Diving.
As far as waters go, you can’t get much more perfect than the Caribbean Sea. Warm, calm, and absolutely teeming with all kinds of exotic sea life, divers of all levels flock to the Mexican Caribbean from all over the world to explore the many fantastic undersea environments this region of the globe has to offer.

The Blonde Abroad - Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen Mexico

The Best Time of the Year to Scuba Dive in Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen lies in what is called the Rivera Maya located aproximatelyOne of the

40 min away from Cancun.bestthing about this region is the weather conditions it offers all year round. Close to the equator, there isn’t really a summer or winter, and you can enjoy temperate waters ranging from lows of 77 degrees Fahrenheit to highs of up to 85 degrees.

The island of Cozumel barriers the Playa del Carmen area from the open ocean, so you’ll find the water here incredibly still, and visibility excellent – again, all year round.

Naturally, as a hugely popular Mexican destination, Playa del Carmen can become very busy during typical vacation seasons, such as during the US summer season. If you want to save money and enjoy less crowded beaches and waters, consider traveling outside of these times.

You will find that there are many dive operators in Playa del Carmen and they will all offer local diving, day trips to Cozumel and of course the world famous cenotes. Don’t go with the first dive center you walk into.
Don´t hesitate to ask our Luun Vacation Team if you need any advise on which dive center to choose.

What you can look forward to ?

Diving in Playa del Carmen is going to be a mostly boat dive based experience. You’ll need to dive from a boat to get to all of the best sites, and shore diving here is mainly restricted to training exercises with dive schools if you are undertaking a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) course on your trip.

As you will hear from local divers, diving in Playa del Carmen is not like in Cozumel. But it is definitely worth it. One of the major attractions here is the female Bull Shark who comes back to the sandy patches of Playa each year in the winter.

If you are planning to do a dive to see the Bulls of Playa del Carmen please make sure you know upfront how the dive operator works. Make sure that there is no feeding going on! This is disrupting the eco system. Become a fly on the wall and enjoy nature in full effect.

Drift diving is the order of the day, and you’ll also find opportunities to explore caverns and see larger sea life like tarpon and turtles. If turtles are a creature you definitely want to come into contact with, then diving in Playa del Carmen offers you a very high probability of seeing not just one, but loads of them!

What kind of Depths are the Best Dives at?

Playa del Carmen has plenty of good dives at shallow and mid depths, so is perfectly suited for beginners or seasoned divers who prefer to stick within the confines of the Open Water certification. If you like to go deeper, there are good deep dives where the underwater landscape drops off at around 80ft.

Other Great Things to Look Out For

Fans of wreck diving can check out the wreck of the Mama Vina, a trawler which sustained serious damage and was subsequently deliberately sunk in 1996. This is a nice wreck to check out, but only really advisable for divers who are comfortable with diving in environments with things overhead.

This doesn’t mean you need to have done a lot of wrecks dives, as this isn’t an overly difficult one to explore, but some experience in caverns or other areas with overhead environments will certainly help you if you venture into the central corridors. Remember to stay always within your limits when scuba diving and do not do anything you are not trained to do.

Playa del Carmen offers a great base for diving the Yucatan Peninsula. When you plan to dive in Playa del Carmen make sure you have some extra time to explore the cenotes too.

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