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Help our foundation AITANA and all the children & families that struggle with Cancer.

 AITANA is a community of families, survivors, and friends who have been affected by childhood and adolescent cancer. They offer our community support, information and treatments such as:

  • The Aitana Home (located in Cancun) provides games areas for kids & teenagers, classrooms to study english, computer clases, workshops, therapy rooms, medicine rooms and bedrooms to receive families from other parts of Mexico.
  • The Dream program which organizes Disney trips once a year.
  • Travel expenses: bus and airfaires to help the familes and patients get to the closest hospitals and have their treatments.
  • Medical treatments such as medical equipment, medicines, analysis etc…
  • Psychological treatments for family members & patients.

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  • 10 dlls = 190 mexican pesos = 1 box of medicine
  • 30 dlls = 570 mexican pesos = 1 psicological treatment
  • 50 dlls = 950 mexican pesos = 1 trip to the hospital
  • 70 dlls = 1,330 mexican pesos = 1 fun day in a waterpark
  • 100 dlls = 1,900 = 1 pass to Disneyland

Childhood cancer is the #1 disease-related cause of death for children in many countries. For those who survive, two-thirds will also endure chronic health conditions from the toxic side effects of cancer treatment, including secondary cancers and other life-threatening illnesses.

They are all alone, especially when low immunity means isolation to stay safe from life-threatening germs and viruses.

For more information you can also visit Aitana´s webiste:

You can change a child´s life by donating today.